Crick Pre-School

Parental Testimonials

These comments have been taken from our six monthly questionnaire for parents, as well as thank you cards we have received.

November 2019

"Always gone the extra mile to help her/him settle in after a difficult start and is continuing that support. Always happy to help and talk." November 2019

"Love all the tapestry observations. Newsletters & emails also keep up to date with information. " November 2019

"Amazing how much more independent she/he has become, wanting to try everything him/herse" November 2019

"It provides a brilliant transition into school" November 2019

"Regular photos & observations. We love seeing them!" November 2019

"Lots of information in newsletters/emails and given at the parents meetings. ip" November 2019

"My child loves coming to preschool and enjoys every minute. I am very grateful we have the facility in the village, the team are brilliant and give the kids some fun experiences. Forest school is something my child looked forward to since starting and was not disappointed when he/she finally got to go. All the team are fantastic and friendly, I am always at ease leaving my child in their care. " November 2019

"My key worker is absolutely amazing. She/he knows my child extremely well & knows that he/she is being supported every day. " November 2019

"Love all the tapestry observations. Newsletters & emails also keep up to date with information. "November 2019

July 2019

"Newsletter, email communication, copies of letters in drawers makes sure I am well informed" July 2019

"The Pre-School and staff are an asset to the village and I can't wait for my youngest to start" July 2019

"Brilliant staff. [My child] is very settled and really enjoys Pre-School. [Our Key person] has been a fantastic support" July 2019

"Love seeing the pictures. Very reassuring to see what they are up to each week. The key person updates with pictures of each session on a Friday without fail" July 2019

"My little one has come on a lot since joining preschool. He/she loves to try things for her/himself before asking for help" July 2019

"[key person] is amazing with [my child]! He/she is always excited to see him/her. I'm so pleased they have a nice relationship" July 2019

"We are thrilled with the support [our key person] gives. Our [child] loves preschool & is well supported " July 2019

"The committee's section on the newsletter keeps us up-to date and we are always given the meeting dates, if we wish to attend" July 2019

"Since going to Preschool [my child's] confidence has grown so much I really can't thank the teachers enough for all they do" July 2019

November 2018

"I can't recommend and sing Pre-School praises enough! Fantastic setting, amazing staff and brilliant education from such a young age! You have brought my child on leaps and bounds and continue to do so right up until 'big school'. So grateful, thank you Crick Pre School" November 2018

"Communication is excellent and thorough" November 2018

"I feel like I am kept very well informed about Pre-School and I enjoy the weekly newsletter" November 2018

"Amazing updates through Tapestry, phone and face to face with any staff. I can ask questions and everyone can answer" November 2018

"We've seen huge leaps in our child's development and independence since they started Pre-School. I'm sure the huge encouragement and rewards the staff give play an integral role" November 2018

"Super. I love looking at tapestry to see what [my child] has been up to - lovely write ups that are personable too" November 2018

"Pre School has provided my [child] with a brilliant environment, he/she loves every minute and looks forward to going, all the staff are friendly and supportive, I couldn't ask for more " November 2018

"Pleased how well [my child] has settled and always talks excitedly about what he/she has done. In the short time she/he has been there her/his development has come on so much" November 2018

"A wonderful, safe, fun and encouraging environment for children to thrive in, couldn't ask for more. So grateful to have such a brilliant facility locally" November 2018

May 2018

"I can't recommend and sing pre school praises enough! Fantastic setting, amazing staff and brilliant education from such a young age! You have brought my child on leaps and bounds and continue to do so right up until 'big school'. So grateful, thank you Crick Pre School" May 2018

"My child loves preschool and wants to come everyday! This is testament to the fantastic staff and facilities at his/her disposal. " May 2018

"My child attends a Montessori nursery also but by comparison Crick Pre-School exceeds them. I couldn't be happier that she/he has had this time at Pre-School. Thank you." May 2018

"A lovely Pre-School with excellent support. Thanks for all you do." May 2018

"All staff are so friendly and supportive." May 2018

"Emails and face to face contact both excellent and efficient." May 2018

"We couldn't be happier with tapestry. We know so much about what our child is doing and it promotes conversation with our child. Our child's key worker goes above and beyond taking time to take photos and observe him/her." May 2018

"I'm always receiving updates on the tapestry website which I always look forward to viewing. They are always written with a good description with each picture." May 2018

"The newsletter is great! And has lots of information about the committee." May 2018

November 2017

"I find that communication is very good. We have the weekly newsletter, which is always full of useful information. Information is also sent my email. Key workers are always around to speak to if there is anything urgent to communicate. Childrenís progress is also communicated through tapestry. We are very pleased with communication." November 2017

"[key worker] is fab!! We are so pleased with our childís progress. [key worker] has been very supportive, has formed a great relationship with our child and very nurturing. Our child has grown in confidence no end this term and we are so pleased. " November 2017

"Since my child started Pre-School I have noticed a huge difference in his/her confidence and independence." November 2017

"I love receiving the tapestry updates and really value the time the pre-school takes to record [my child]'s day so that I don't miss out on important things to her/him." November 2017

"I love the Tapestry updates! [key worker] is very thorough in her/his description and uploads so many! It really is great. " November 2017

"[My child] has thrived at the pre school and I would like to thank all the staff x" November 2017

"Itís great that they offer forest school. I like the fact that when outside organisations come in it is offered out to children who may not attend that day. Itís very inclusive. " November 2017

"Very good Pre-School, all friendly and welcoming" November 2017

"Love the staff, everyone does a great job looking after the kids and keeping the place running. Thank you!" November 2017

May 2017

"My child loves the activities. We love looking at tapestry and sharing his/her pictures as a family. She/He speaks very confidently about what she/he has been doing. Thank you!" May 2017

"I absolutely love tapestry! I appreciate all the photos that you guys take and send to us. It helps us to be a part of her/his day / experiences. The photos also help to jog her/his memory about her/his day, especially when he/she has to tell us in the evening after work. We love the 'mark making' book and the fact we can work on it at home and he/she can share this with you and his/her peers. He/she loves sharing his/her work and earning stickers. Thank you! " May 2017

"[staff name] leaves lots of lovely feedback on [child's name]'s progress through Tapestry, parents evenings and through worksheets she/he has completed at Pre-School." May 2017

"He/she has come on leaps and bounds very impressed for such a short period of time." May 2017

"I cannot fault tapestry! I love it and I love that we can share things from home with school. Thank you for taking the time to share our child's learning / experiences with us! " May 2017

"The newsletter is fantastic - always on time, always informative and the committee corner section is a great a way of communicating to the parents." May 2017

"I think Tapestry is fantastic. It is updated weekly. [child's name] and I love looking at the photographs together and discussing her/his learning." May 2017

"A fantastic team working so hard and professionally. As a parent I feel very lucky to have such a good Pre-School nearby, with very dedicated staff and committee. Thank you!" May 2017

"The committee appear to run Pre-School effectively and very efficiently. The money raised by the various events has been phenomenal which obviously impacts greatly upon the children and their learning." May 2017

November 2016

"The room is always prepared each day with a good variety of activities and there is always lots of imaginative ideas from the staff." November 2016

"Both my children are very different and respond to different ways of learning and play, they are encouraged to be themselves" November 2016

"The parents evenings are really informative and a fantastic opportunity to go over any issues or progress your child is making. The tapestry journal is a constant source of feedback which is fantastic!" November 2016

"Love tapestry - lots of great regular updates and we can add stuff at home to - love being able to add other family members too" November 2016

"An amazing team of dedicated staff and parents working as a team to keep this fabulous Pre-School fabulous!" November 2016

May 2016

"[child's name] has settled into pre-school really well and loves coming to pre-school. [child's name] has thrived since she/he started and had become more independent and his/her communication is excellent. So thank you to all the staff as this reflects on how well you are doing." May 2016

"The activities are very varied from baking to PE to Leafy Learner." May 2016

"Very impressed with Tapestry online resource. Also enjoy completing holiday journal - valuable link between home and pre-school." May 2016

"Tapestry is brilliant! The staff are really good at updating and giving feedback on a regular basis. I always look forward to seeing the latest updates." May 2016

"At parents evening there is always a clear plan of next steps for progress and moving forward. Any areas of concern are raised with a plan of how to improve and develop." May 2016

"The children get better individual attention with this system. It is lovely to hear [child's name] talk so fondly of her/his key worker [staff name]. At pre-school age they need to have reassurance and bond with their carers to help them feel safe and secure." May 2016

"The weekly updates allow parents to see the activities and learning which has take place. It's also good that parents can upload photos showing what has been taking place outside of preschool." May 2016

"Regularly completed by pre-school, wish I was as organised at home! Lovely to see progress online. This is brilliant. We have so much feedback on a weekly basis - it's great to see what she/he's been up to and always makes me smile to see how much [child's name] is learning and enjoying her/himself." May 2016

"Weekly newsletter informative and great link between home and pre-school." May 2016

"A very dedicated team! Very well organised and communicate with parents well." May 2016

November 2015

"[Tapestry] is amazing!! We have learned so much about what our child has been learning here in the month he's been attending..... Both via tapestry, and talking to the staff - much more than in the 3 years he's been attending another setting!!" November 2015

"I feel that [child's name] gets more individual attention to her learning and activities than at nursery where it is very busy and more children" November 2015

"Our daughter can be quite sensitive to strangers but she settled in wonderfully as the staff are lovely." November 2015

"I'm extremely happy with how much I'm involved with my child's learning it's much more than expected." November 2015

"The staff are constantly observing the children, getting to know their interests and learning needs. They plan based on what they know and have observed. They know both the curriculum and the children well, which means children make great progress. " November 2015

"Weekly newsletter. Fast correspondence - replying to emails and requests. This is especially important being a parent who doesn't do the "drop off and collection", I feel valued and listened to." November 2015

"[child's name]'s confidence has improved greatly since attending pre-school, which in turn promotes her increased independence." November 2015

"Well supervised and always feels very safe and secure at drop offs." November 2015

"A great committed team of parents who are receptive to suggestions with an "open door" policy for anyone wishing to become involved, it's fantastic!" November 2015

June 2015

"Wide range of engaging and fun activities." June 2015

"The staff are kind and compassionate and do wonderful jobs." June 2015

"Communication - despite being a busy setting all staff will answer questions/queries." June 2015

"Caring/nuturing environment - I feel my daughter's emotional needs are also met; she feels secure and comfortable." June 2015

"Extra curricular - there are plenty of opportunities for children to participate in activities and events outside of the classroom e.g. May Day, Forest School." June 2015

"They love their teacher and talk about them at home" June 2015

"Always a friendly atmosphere and my child is excited about going." June 2015

November 2014

"Friendly, caring staff." November 2014

"Great communication with parents." November 2014

"Folders and regular parents evenings help to keep on track of their development." November 2014

"Quick recognition and intervention helped to address speech and now this is much improved, thank you!" November 2014

"My child loves preschool and appears to be getting on well. He looks forward to going. He has made lots of friends and likes the staff. Love the folder to see his progress." November 2014

"Morning Circle time brings structure to their day." November 2014

June 2014

"Parents are kept well informed through weekly newsletters, the website and parents nights; all of which are brilliant." June 2014

"Forest School was a fantastic opportunity for the children, an exciting adventure for them and well organised with the staff. I felt very comfortable that my daughter was in good safe hands off the preschool premises and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience." June 2014

"Her key worker is brilliant with her and she thinks very highly of her and the preschool generally. There is always a big smile on her face when she knows she is going to preschool! A lovely team who are very dedicated and motivated." June 2014

"The staff truly care and have lots of energy and fun!" June 2014

"A lovely friendly team that create a warm, happy and safe environment for the children." June 2014

"A wonderful place to send our children. The environment is fantastic and the free-flow system works really well." June 2014

"Their profile is great and captures the children having fun but shows their progression and development." June 2014

"Transition from pre-school to school is carefully thought through to ensure children starting school get the best possible start." June 2014

"Forest school has been PRICELESS for our child and opened up their eyes to so many learning opportunities in the natural environment." June 2014

"The photos in the profile are lovely and it is nice to see all the different things she has done." June 2014

"Everything we could have wanted to start off school life." June 2014

"Great communication; inviting to music session good." June 2014

November 2013

"We really appreciate all the work and times that goes into our child's profile. Not only is it lovely to look back on but a constant reminder of the fantastic progress he has made. I cannot praise the staff highly enough. Our child receives the best care, love and cuddles when necessary, from Gemma and the rest of the team, something that is very important to us as working parents. A Big Thank You!" November 2013

"A lovely friendly team that create a warm, happy and safe environment for the children." November 2013

"My child always has a beaming smile on her face after the session, it's lovely to know she has enjoyed her day and been cared for so well." November 2013

"The preschool is very informative to parents and really approachable." November 2013

"I like that the preschool is always striving to do better, and they seem to achieve a lot through fundraising activities, which requires a lot of effort." November 2013

"Listening to parental feedback" November 2013

"Fun, stimulating environment" November 2013

"Warm and welcoming to the children." November 2013

"It is great that the children get to go on outdoor activity outings." November 2013

"I love getting feedback from her folder with photos." November 2013

"Activities are always varied and well thought out" November 2013

May 2013

"Staff are knowledgeable, caring and dedicated. They know the children well and provide excellent opportunities for their next steps in learning." May 2013

"My Son loves the variety of activities and experiences that every member of staff strives to bring into preschool-I could not think of a better environment for him to be in and am glad he has another year there!" May 2013

"Communication with parents is brilliant with regular parent's nights, a weekly newsletter, an up to date website and more! Thank you" May 2013

"The committee put in a huge amount of effort on behalf of the current and future running of pre-school and this should be applauded and recognised." May 2013

"My daughter is influenced by the staff who set a great example to the children at such a young age. She often role plays 'pre-school' at home so I know she enjoys it and feels comfortable." May 2013

"The newsletter is the highlight of my Friday and is pitched perfectly!" May 2013

"My child's profile book is fabulous and lots of time has been spent on it by the key worker." May 2013

"Communication with parents is excellent, as is the website" May 2013

November 2012

"In my opinion you are doing everything right!" November 2012

"The effort put in from the staff make it a lovely place for the children" November 2012

"You put in so much work into the children's profiles and know the children well" November 2012

"The staff continue to provide a stimulating and exciting environment for the children and my son loves being there." November 2012

"Just a little something to say thank-you for all your support in settling our child into Pre-School - much appreciated." October 2012

"Thank you Crick Pre-School for a wonderful start for all 4 of my children. Over the years I have so many happy memories (especially as all of my children took part in the nativity). But more importantly my older children still talk of Pre-School with such fondness. We will miss you." October 2012

July 2012

"Thank you so much for giving both my children such a wonderful time at Pre-School, I can't tell you how grateful I am for the lovely care and support you have given them. I can't believe our pre-school years have come to an end! Thank you all so much." July 2012

"Just wanted to say "Thank you" for everything you have done for us and our child. Although he has only been with you a short time he has developed so much and has been so happy. We can't tell how much that means to us, it has made settling into a new village and home so much easier." July 2012

"Thank you for all the special times we have shared in the 2 years I have been at Crick Pre-School. I will miss you all." July 2012

"Thank you so much for your support with my child. You're a great team" July 2012

March 2012

"Good range of activities offered. Excellent care and understanding of children. Wouldn't want to send mine anywhere else." March 2012

"Such a lovely atmosphere when going to pre-school, staff are really patient and also very creative with the children when doing activities." March 2012

"The best thing of all for us as parents is that our son loves pre-school so much. Thank you." March 2012

"Enthusiastic, thoughtful, pragmatic and professional staff - a great asset" March 2012

"Close connections with the children so you understand their needs." March 2012

"Lovely warm and inviting atmosphere. Friendly and welcoming staff with an open door policy for parents." March 2012

"The staff are dedicated, caring and passionate, providing our child with a quality experience which supports his care, learning & development. The staff know the children so well, planning learning carefully to reflect the children's interests & next steps in learning." March 2012

"We really like the "What we do all day" profile folder. Post/Valentine cards home - very exciting!" March 2012

"A personal touch - lovely relationship/communication with parents" March 2012

"Good ratio of carers to children. Warm and welcoming environment. Good decoration and layout in the room. Good range of craft activities." March 2012

January 2011

"My child really shines at Pre-School and loves coming" January 2011

"It's a welcoming and fun atmosphere. I think you all do an amazing job." January 2011

"The PE session has been a hit" January 2011

"Good care & individual attention given" January 2011

"Very good range of activities. Brilliant staff & support. Very happy, supportive & friendly environment for all the children. Excellent communication about general developments in Pre-School" January 2011

"I love the information board - it gives you an idea of what to ask questions about when chatting on the way home! I love the range of activities, lovely opportunities that you wouldn't normally think of - fab!" January 2011

"Pre-School is run in a very professional way and communication is great" January 2011

"Fantastic, caring and enthusiastic attitude from all the staff" January 2011

"Thank you so much for the attention and caring you show our son, it really is appreciated" December 2010

"Thank you all so much for the love and attention you have given to our son this year" July 2010

July 2010

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for giving our daughter such a great experience over the last 2 years, she has loved being with you and has always wanted to go to pre-school, even when she was poorly!" July 2010

"Just to say thank you all so much for having our son for the last 18 months. He has enjoyed it so much because of the dedication, commitment and professionalism of you all. Thanks to you, he has blossomed into a confident and very happy little boy and he will miss you all so much" July 2010

"My child's development has come on leaps and bounds. He enjoys every session and the variety of activities offered every day. You all do a fantastic job." July 2010

"The children are very happy! (the most important thing)" July 2010

"The current team running the Pre-School are brilliant and have taken the Pre-School to another level. I can't praise you all enough." July 2010

"New notice board is great and website is fabulous" July 2010

"Good newsletter. Good communication." July 2010

"The development files are really comprehensive and a wonderful record of her time at pre-school." July 2010

"My children love pre-school - the role play, making things, singing and playing. The staff are all so welcoming and friendly. I really think pre-school is fantastic." July 2010

"Very friendly, welcoming staff, lots of outdoor play and plenty of music" July 2010

"My child is always happy and enthusiastic about the Pre-School, excellent communication between parents and staff. Gives my child an excellent base to go to primary school." July 2010